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Pengcheng Chen works in video and experimental animation. His work focuses on irrational ritual by portraying ordinary objects, performances and spatial illusion. He attempts to create a new form of viewing and recognition with primitive methodology.

Uncertainty  (2018)


This is an experimental animation which depicts the uncertainty of identification, by observing vanish and existence.

The Third Language  (2018)


Animal  (2017)

Language: Chinese, Japanese, portages


Days of Shame (2016)

The Fisherman and Goldfish (2013)

Language: Germany

Produced in Studio Kura, Japan.  Pengcheng Chen was working to interpret the interaction between internal conscious and objective elements by observing the irregular movement of consciousness and the connection with symbolism and uncertainty. Sleeping states is a blurry stage between living and death, it forms the common sense with the connection between individual consciousness and universe.  In the old Japanese warehouse with Japanese washi paper hanging in different positions

At the heart of the practice, it has generated concept about the transformation of consciousness in reality, which engaged an automatic thinking: automatism always provides the stage and the process with a kind of spontaneous perception, self-reference in connection with external effect. I

This experimental short film demonstrates the artist’s self-consciousness exploration of early stage. The disillusionment of goldfish indicates suspicion and criticism of his early life, death concretes individual’s spirit, therefore it forms a transition to a new cognitive direction in the end. The surrealistic narrative is presented with poetic, unstructured and metaphor language, which is the essence of spiritual mind of the artist, stating the individual’s historical events with psychological mechanism and experience of self-consciousness. As being a ‘patient’, the artist was satisfied by 

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